Saturday 17, Mar 2018

Mr Motivator

If I can I am going to post some updates each week as I try my best to get back to fitness and lose a few pounds.  No more excuses about the kids not sleeping and too much other work to be getting on with.  Today I have eventually been pursuaded to get off my back side and back to the gym.  Been a long time since I was there and 5-aside has been hard with the lack of any sort of fitness.  You can get involved if you are on a health and fitness drive or even if you are a fitness, coach or nutritionist and you want to suggest any meals, fitness tips etc. I will add a comment section on the bottom of the blog for you to post.  If you wish email me ( to sign up for an account to add your own blogs.

Starting Weight: 13st 13Ib
Goal Weigth: 12st 7lb

Fitness today
32.25 mins for 5k run on treadmill with fat burn program.  9km for 25mins then 10km for last 7.25mins.

Goal for next two weeks is to get the time down under 30mins and to lose 2lb.

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